Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Trying to keep busy since the boys went back to school yesterday!

I've joined the "Craftsy Block of the Month" with Amy Gibson and made the January blocks... bad picture, but they are pretty! For the first time ever, the block to the left actually came out big, so I got to trim it down to the correct size. The block on the right kept with tradition and came in just small - so frustrating!! I will have to fudge it when I put the blocks together at the end of the year when all the blocks are complete (or maybe I won't! I have a closet full of sewing bee blocks that I've never made quilts of...)

I also joined Pleasant Home's "Sew Scraps Along" and started going through my scrap bins to make Nanette's Scaptacular Picnic Quilt (though it will probably be a baby quilt and not a picnic blanket...) I'm really excited for this project as I have 7 or 8 years worth of scraps in bins in my closet.



I've also made the December "Blogger's Block of the Month" block...

And finally, I started a new quilt top, and got most of it done today - just have to add a fun scrappy border to bulk up the size a bit. It's the "spinning in orbit" quilt by Kate Henderson in the "100 pretty little projects" book.

Feels great to be sewing again!

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  1. thanks for this post Amanda - I've joined the craftsy bom as well and I didn't think there was a blogger's bom block for december - I'd best hop over there now and have a look :) oh and btw I found the skills builder on your blog as well - haven't started that yet though !