Friday, April 25, 2014

Babushka got back!

Here's a partial section of the back of the new quilt. I just love the fabric with the elephants and flying hearts. It's actually from a duvet I picked up at Ikea and have been holding onto for a couple years - for a project just like this one! Now, all I have to do is sew down those little babushkas on the front (even though they have been ironed on and feel quite secure as they are...)

PS The shop is opening up again. Slowly, but surely. Time to make room in my sewing room!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Different Matryoshka dolls and different colors

Here's what I worked on today - something a little different, but within my current theme of sewing! I still have to stitch those dollies down with coordinating embroidery floss, and then work on the back. There is purple in a few of these dolls, which I did not bring out in the surrounding fabrics... perhaps some purple will go on the back. I'm pretty sure I'll tie it and stitch it though with red floss.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here's another UFO

I posted one of these houses a few days ago, and then found 8 more hidden away. I think the plan was to make a bunch of patchwork doll blocks as well as some trees to add to the houses. Still thinking about this one.

Finishing up a few UFOs...

A UFO is an Unfinished Object -- quilts I start to make but never seem to finish... Sometimes I give up after a few blocks, or sometimes just after cutting the fabric and laying it out on the floot (but I pin the blocks so they don't forget their order!) Sometimes I even get 90% done and then move onto something else... Or actually move, and put it in a moving box, not to be found again for five months!

Here are three quilt tops done.

 I'm hoping there are some new mothers out there who aren't afraid of baby quilts with no pink in them! (and more heavy on the blue, with some brown too!)