Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally back on etsy!!!

Here's the back and front of my new quilt. It feels so good to have a quilt posted again on etsy, but begins the insanity of checking it constantly to see how many views it has received and if anyone hearts me. Oh, how I need to be hearted!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nicey Jane!

On a wintery, snowy day, this fabric makes my heart sing and I dream of summer... Because I have sewing OCD these days, I started some blocks last night. This one will be a twin or throw, and then I'll make a crib size with what fabric I have left over.

Quilt top done!

I'm wondering if I should hold onto this and make it into a twin size, or finish it now as a crib size...

Monday, February 22, 2010

The quilts of 2009

A sample of quilts that I've sold in the past year.

The quilts of 2010

This is a twin size quilt, big enough for the 6'4" hubby to lay under watching tv. Ofcourse in a house of so many boys, I need my pinks (for me) and baby blues - a favorite color combination.

Sleepy, happy camper

This is one of three matching quilts I made for the boys. 70x70. Just right for a snuggle on the couch or on their twin beds.

Quilt for Haiti

Not just for babies...

FOR SALE quilts :)

These crib quilts need to be posted on etsy, but they are ready to go to some sweet little people! $55.00 each.

Wonky Log Cabin quilt

This project has kept me busy the last few days. Lots of flowery vintage goodness from the French Hatbox fabric collection, and so much fun. I've turned the diningroom into quilt central with a cutting station, sewing station, and ironing station. Four more blocks to go, then on to designing the back for this crib quilt.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boy quilt for BVMS

Girly quilt for BVMS fundraiser

new quilts for the BVMS fundraiser

A new beginning

My plan these days, when not being a great mom, and trying to get through the Twilight series, is to make as many quilts as possible in order to get them on my ignored etsy site. I have loads and loads of beautiful fabric to sew up, and there's a gorgeous new camera to puchase with quilt money.