Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A photographic progress report...

I've got the house quilt almost under control. I've made the majority of the top, and have started the embroidery and hand stitching at night. It's about 19 inches short in depth (and probably length too) so I'm going to have to figure out some sort of border to make it twin size.

The basket quilt is coming along as well. Now that I'm in the "hand stitching at night while watching tv" phase with the other, I got back to making baskets yesterday and got a whole lot more done today which I haven't photographed. I think I'll add a top and bottom border of cupcakes and teacups to this one. I was going to make dolls too, but not sure I have it in me, and not sure they are needed. The other quilt it soooo busy and this one is so orderly... I don't want to mess that up... even though you really can't go wrong with matryoshka dolls!

PS - these quilts will be sharing a room, as they are going to sisters...

Friday, November 4, 2011

New dolls - making my own matryoshka dolls now

So, now I am slightly behind in one project and slightly ahead in another! I'm making Matryoshka dolls now ( lots of applique to do!) for the house quilt and will save the already made dolls for a baby quilt later on. Wish I had had more sewing time this week, but due to a massive snow storm in October, school were closed for 3 days and I missed out on the 2 days a week when I'm by myself for 5.5 hours!