Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ikea to the rescue!

This was my basement studio after my 6 yr old reclaimed his bedroom... 
(it was a tad neater than that for a few weeks so I could actually sew...)

Then, my sweet husband agreed to go down to IKEA with me to set me up with a nice room - a 3 hour round trip. It was a work day for him, so we had to sit and make phone calls here and there. I really liked that floral chair - it was very comfy and pretty!

Eventually, we made it to the check out line. We didn't realize until we got home, that we'd only bought ONE leg for my new desk (and we needed TWO!)

And here we are, with the room pretty complete! My wonderful father in law picked up another desk leg for me, and all got build Easter weekend. Love my new rug too - pulls it all together and makes it really look like a pretty room vs the mud room side that is just feet away. I can also jump on the tread mill any time I want, as it's just inches away!

It was a happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful one too!