Friday, February 3, 2012

I haven't sewn anything in 2 days!!

 But I have done a little shopping! I got funky new glasses (brown on the outside and turquoise blue on the inside (!!), picked up some new fabric at Jo Ann's - a few of the new Denyse Schmidt ones, and boy are they expensive! The colorful ones were $12.99 a yard! (while the gray ones were $9.99 - having to pay extra for color just doesn't seem right...) Fortunately they were 30% off, and I only got 1/4 each.

 Then I went to the mall to return a couple things for the boys, and picked up two shirts and a pair of sleep pants that I almost want to cut up for a quilt!

Then I dragged boy #3 to my favorite antique store (they have a cute kitty and a candy jar, so I don't have to drag him too much - though he did pull me to the candy jar!) and I found this adorable pink table cloth with pom pom fringe for $14. Score! I also picked up a traditional red and white picnic table cloth that I can't decide if I'll use to back a quilt at some point, or actually use as a picnic table cloth... Anyway, I've missed the sewing, but also have enjoyed my couple days "off."

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