Saturday, March 19, 2011

good bye, my love....

So I finished this last night (I tied it with embroidery floss, which is my norm, and then gave it a wash)  and it went home with the inlaws today after my biggest boys' 7th birthday party. I was very sad to see it go! But I think I have enough fabric leftover to make another down the road (yea!) AND now I have a check burning a hole in my pocket... and shopping carts VERY full at fabricshack and sewmamasew :)

Next up is a throw size quilt for my mother in law's Reiki studio. I will be working with batiks, which she gave me today, for the first time. It will be quite a departure from what I'm used to!


  1. Love this quilt. What a fun use of stripes and checks.

  2. Where can I get this pattern? Thank you.