Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The first block for the sailboat quilt...

This is the start of a throw size quilt that I'm making for my inlaws to give friends who recently became grandparents to a little boy. This will be in the grandparent's home for when the baby comes to visit. It's a baby quilt, but without all the baby colors, so hopefully will make everyone happy, and can stay out, even when the baby isn't around. Now if I can get this all done by March 20th when I see the inlaws next to celebrate MY first baby turning 7!!


  1. Can you give me the name of this "Sailboat" pattern?

    1. It's ADORABLE... LOVE IT! I meant to add that to the above post.

  2. Thank you :) The pattern comes from Glenna Hailey's book - Sugar Sack Quilts