Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little catch up!

I haven't posted anything here in a while! I have some updates on Facebook, if you're following, but if not, here are pictures of some things I've been working on. Sadly though, I just had to give up my sewing room to my 6 yr old son who was tired of sharing a room with his brother and wanted his room back... so, I have left my 2nd story room with two windows and natural sunlight, for the basement with two little slit windows, and I share the room with the boys' coats, dirty boots and the new cat's kitty litter :( It's also pretty cold down here! On the up side, come summer, it will stay cool... though I can't open windows for fresh air... ahh well... it's somewhere to put my machine!

This is my fabric stash... It will have to move down to the basement so my boy can have his closet back. I have to talk the hubby into a 3 hour round trip to Ikea for shelves!

My new kitty

Setting up by new studio... those dark bookcases will come out and 
be replaced with Expedit Ikea shelves :)

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